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Title: BREAKING: Shooting at Dallas Police Department
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Suspects in Armored Vehicle open fire on police.


Here is the official timeline. Source ( Source (


- Why was the alarm going off inside the Dallas Police Department before the shootout took place?
- Were there shots fired inside the Dallas Police Department?
- Who were the two individuals who approached the Dallas PD from the outside?
- Who was inside the police department?
- How did James Boulware, who had no job and no money, purchase an $8,250 armored van, a bus ticket to Georgia to pick it up, and the gasoline to get back?
- Why did James Boulware, who was having severe financial troubles, increase his bid for the armored vehicle by $2,000 despite there being no other bidders at the time?
- Why did police give Boulware his weapons back after his arrest in 2013, despite him making threats to attack schools, only six months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.


- Witnesses claimed there were multiple shooters, but police said it was the work of a lone shooter. Source. (
- Suspect(s) was in a decommissioned armored SWAT van, believed to be purchased on Ebay from Jenco Sales Inc., in Georgia. Source (
- Suspect told police that his van was rigged with explosives, and could spot them with cameras. Source (
- A CNN anchor tweeted about the suspect being "on foot." Source (
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Analysis of #DallasPDShooting Footage Prior to Shooting.


Analysis of this footage provide by, video is copyright of the uploader on Youtube.

This video has extra footage before the start of the police shootout in front of the Jack Evans Police Headquarters. The footage appears to have been shot from the Soda Bar, kitty-corner from the PD building, across the south side of Lamar St, west of Belleview St. Google lists the Soda Bar as a "retro-industrial hotel roof bar with infinity pool-side views of the city & an outdoor fire pit." You can look at some pictures here (,-96.7958523,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1s-s15H4MvTXxY%2FVOT-uKzhjoI%2FAAAAAAAAACM%2F7CNHucr-UCQ!2e4!3e12!!7i499!8i499!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xad5faa0a9e5c1947!6m1!1e1).


As the video begins, it appears that there is some sort of alarm going off inside the Police Department (PD). There is a light blue strobe going off inside the building at all levels, it is particularly noticeable on the north-west side of the building facing Belleview St., as most of the lights appear to be off on that side of the building.

At about the 0:04 second mark, a female asks "what is it," a male responds "it's an armored car shooting into the police station."

At about 0:05 seconds, the armored van parked outside the PD comes into view. Its lights are on, but no way to tell if it is running. It is interesting to notice that traffic is still passing by the PD normally on Lamar St.

At around the 0:13 second mark, some loud snapping sounds appear to be coming from across the street at the PD. These could possibly be gunshots. An unidentified male at 0:18 seconds then says, "Somebody is shooting inside the police station."

At around 0:39 seconds, two persons move into the camera's view. They are walking along the south side of the building. The person who appears first on the camera will be referenced as "Individual A," the person following "A" will be referenced as "Individual B."


At 0:51 mark, a witness identifies them as "two police officers."

At the 0:58 mark a male says "somebody is shooting inside the building." Another male responds, "someone is shooting in there." Someone reiterates, "yeah, there's shooting inside the building."

At 0:58 mark the two officers reach the corner of the building and stop for a few seconds (until 1:03 mark). It is interesting to note that, at this point, they are not focusing on the armored van parked on the street, but instead they seem to be attempting to secure the building.


At the 1:03 mark, "Individual A" rounds the corner and begins to walk along the short western wall of the PD, which runs parallel with Belleview. "Individual B" hangs back at the corner, in a covering position. It still appears that they are focused on securing the building.


At the 1:12 mark, "Indvidual A" passes a first floor window, the only window on that particular west facing wall. At this mark, a third person, who we will refer to as "Individual C," appears to stand up and can be seen in the window.



At about the 1:14 mark, "Individual A" appears to be looking through a window into the main lobby of the PD.


At 1:17 mark a conversation between the bystanders takes place. A male say "see everybody running," (no persons can be seen running on from this angle).  Same male says, "there is gunfire inside the building."  A female replies, "oh yeah, you can see somebody in that building right there."

At this point, 1:25 mark, "Individual A" is now peering around the corner into the main lobby through the front entry doors.


1:26 mark, same male as before says to female, "ummm...there's the officers in the corner."  Female responds, "I know, but there's somebody in there. There is like a red light."

At 1:29 mark, camera man begins to shift to get a different angle, we lose sight of the scene. "Individual C" is clearly visible in the same window.


At 1:41 mark, we regain a view of the scene. "Individual A" walks back toward "Individual B."

Camera pulls off the building to look at police cars arriving on the scene @ 1:45 mark.

At 1:57 mark we see pan back to where "Individual B" has been standing during this whole time, there is no way to tell whether both persons are there, or if one of them has started heading towards the armored van yet.

Camera then cuts back towards the arriving squad cars.

At 2:08 mark, we see someone walking towards the armored van with a flashlight, presumably this is either "Individual A" or "B". The shooting then takes place.
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More videos of chase have been released:


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Boulware Weapons cache seized in 2013, then returned to him...

Ok now things are getting a little unusual. Mr. J. Boulware, the alleged suspect in this shooting had a run in with police in 2013. He apparently got into an altercation with his mother and uncle, which lead to him choking his mother and then making threats to SHOOT UP SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES, AND CHURCHES. The police arrested him, charged him for possession of marijuana, searched his home and confiscated a large stash of weapons and ammunition. Unbelievably these were given back to him on the order of a judge six months later, when all charges in the case were mysteriously dropped...

Now this is starting to not make any sense. It is important to keep in mind that this was less than six months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Why on Earth would they give someone back a large cache of weapons, who had just made threats to take those weapons and shoot up a school, in the wake of Sandy Hook? It's not making any sense.

Questions to ask:
- Who was this judge who released these weapons to Boulware?
- Did the police or judge inquire about these threats against schools?
- Where is the list of the entire cache of weapons seized?
Title: Re: BREAKING: Shooting at Dallas Police Department
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Boulware's Money Issues.

The suspect in the Dallas Police Shooting had some money issues. We are going to detail them here. This is important to the official narrative because he made some large purchases right before the Dallas Shooting, including a $8,250 purchase of a decommissioned armored SWAT van (

- Boulware was arrested in 2013 and spent 21 days in jail, during this time he would have to have been unemployed. Source. (

- In an interview after his arrest, a neighbor, Andra Hogue, described Boulware as having previously been a mechanic, but it appears that he no longer held that job for a while. She described how James Boulware had "got a mobile van and was running around trying to get business doing that." This may imply that he may not have had steady income before his 2013 arrest. Source (

- His brother, Andrew Boulware, describes going to visit James in 2013, after his release from prison. He describes how James was living in Paris, TX, in a house with no electricity. He also describes taking Boulware a "box of food". Source. (

- Jim Boulware, James' father, told media that his son had been unable to find work since his 2013 arrest. Source (

- Jim Boulware told CNN, that his son had said recently "Dad, I have lost my house, my tools, my son. I'm going through every dime I've got. I can't find a job because I got domestic violence on my record." Source (
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More video of #DallasPDShooting suspect, James Boulware's van exploding.



Unfortunately this means that most of the evidence has probably burned up. Interestingly the video cuts from the second explosion to the van fully engulfed. I wonder how long it took for the van to catch on fire? Did the detonation of pipe bombs cause the van to catch on fire? We will await the PD report.
Title: Re: BREAKING: Shooting at Dallas Police Department
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CONFIRMED: Armored Van used in Dallas shooting bought on eBay, was retired SC sheriff vehicle.


Some interesting notes from the report:

- The vehicle was purchased earlier in the month of June, perhaps a week before the shooting. Ebay listing confirms auction ended: Jun 07, 2015 , 12:28PM
- The purchase price was $8,250.
- The winning bidder increased the price with 2 consecutive $1,000 bids, even though there were no other bids at the time.
- The Facebook listing of the van, by Jenco Sales Inc., has been deleted.

Here is a link to the eBay listing:

This ain't suspicious at all...It's been deleted, you can still find it here:

Vehicle info:
Item specifics
Condition:    Used
Seller Notes:    ?Used condition,runs?
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):    1FTJE34F6SHB59518
Year:    1995
Transmission:    Automatic
Make:    Ford
Body Type:    Standard Passenger Van
Model:    E-Series Van
Warranty:    Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Trim:    3 door
Vehicle Title:    Clear
Engine:    7.3L
Fuel Type:    Diesel
Drive Type:    RWD
For Sale By:    Dealer
Mileage:    190,000
Aftermarket Additions:    Gun Ports, Tactical Step Boards
Exterior Color:    Blue
Armor Plating:    Lenco Certified Mil-Spec Armor, Interior Armor
Number of Cylinders:    8
Reinforcements:    interior armor, reinforced bumper steel tubing

Reports that the VIN number matched a vehicle that previously belonged to the Pickens County Sheriffs Dept. in South Carolina.







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Dallas Police Department listed as classified crime scene.

Lamar Street was closed as ATF agents, FBI agents, and police officers were investigating the headquarters as a classified crime scene well into Saturday night.

FBI using 360-degree camera to map the crime scene. (CBS 11)

What is unusual is that, despite this being a secured, classified crime scene still under investigation, reporters were allowed inside to take photographs and look around...Sounds a bit unusual?

Reporters allowed to walk through the scene after it had been secured counted numerous bullet holes in the front window of the police headquarters. Number markings were all over the street to show where shell casings and other forms of evidence had been found. Blackened debris marked the spot where the pipe bombs exploded in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.

One squad car that police said had been occupied by two officers at the time had a bullet hole in the back of the driver's seat. Police on the scene declined to say how the two officers escaped the shots or if they had ducked below the dash.

Also see this video uploaded by a reporter who went inside the crime scene:

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Official Press Breifings by Dallas PD.


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this is interesting...

Note the picture of the gunshot in the concrete column outside of the Dallas PD station.


The description of the picture is what is interesting:

A concrete column outside Dallas police headquarters bears the mark of a .50 caliber bullet fired by James Boulware. (G.J. McCarthy/Staff Photographer)

Did Boulware have a .50 caliber weapon or is this news website making a mistake?