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Author Topic: Takata airbag recall - bullshit advice  (Read 6028 times)


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Takata airbag recall - bullshit advice
« on: May 19, 2015, 09:23:24 PM »
Japanese company Takata has just doubled it's recall on defective airbags that have been found to EXPLODE under certain conditions, shooting out pieces of shrapnel. An estimated 34 million cars are now affected, and so far there have been 6 confirmed deaths and a hundred or so injuries. The first complaints were filed 15 years ago...jeezus.

For an nice look at exactly what kinda shrapnel damage we are talking about, check out this CBS news video.

They actually don't even know why the hell the airbags are exploding. Their guess is that moisture from the air is getting into the air bag and destabilizing the solid propellant that fills up the air bag with gas. Oh great, its moisture in the air, thanks a lot humidity.

But If that ain't enough bullshit already, Mark Rosekind, of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), just happened to open his mouth at a press conference today to give folks some re-assuring advice. According to NPR.org (emphasis added):

The vehicle repairs will be phased in beginning with older cars and trucks and those in high humidity areas. Mark Rosekind said drivers should check their VIN numbers to see if their vehicle requires a new airbag. They can do that at safercar.gov. Rosekind said if a repair can't be done immediately, people should continue to drive but wear a seatbelt.

What kind of bullshit advice is that?! Oh sure Rosekind, I bet a seatbelt is gonna protect me from a chunk of metal being propelled at high speed by an explosion. BULLSHIT.

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